Listing Photos…why they matter.

Real Estate listing photos are essential to marketing and selling your home. Generally, we only get one shot at a first impression. These days first impressions are made before the buyer books an appointment to view your property. In the past few years, virtual showings through interactive 3D Tours have become necessary and are now a standard in many markets.

One of the most underrated aspects of selling your home is considering listing photography. Yes, the photos need to reflect the home’s current condition accurately. But something must be said about the art of photography and its impact on the viewer’s impressions. A Professional Real Estate Photographer will enhance a viewer’s experience with quality photography that shows your home’s best features, more accurately, capturing room size, layout and the overall flow of the home.

Quality photography matters; when buyers are scrolling through, you want to draw their attention for the right reason. Additionally, you want them to come to view your property and write an offer. We receive a lot of information and impressions from viewing property photos. What’s the layout? Is it inviting? Can I see myself living here? If the images are not visually appealing, the potential buyer isn’t likely to take a second look.